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Mediheal AirPacking Pink Wrap Mask(2 pcs)


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    MEDIHEAL - AirPacking Pink Wrap Mask(2 pcs)


    This nourishing sheet mask will make you feel like you just spent the day at the spa. The pink wrap revitalizes, moisturizes, and improves skin elasticity with a firming vital complex of hydrolyzed collagen and ceramide. The anti-wrinkle pink blooming complex of 5 flowers (cherry blossom, camellia, lotus, water lily, rose) gives skin a lively look. The cotton sheet mask features a special three-layer air packing fabric that prevents the moisture from leaving the skin and opens pores, allowing the nutritional ingredients to be absorbed.


    • After Cleansing, even out skin using a toner.
    • Take the mask out of its package, unfold, and place the sheet on the face.
    • Rest comfortably for 10~20 minutes and remove the mask.
    • Let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.


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