[Review] MOUDA Hair Growth Shampoo 300ml

[Review] MOUDA Hair Growth Shampoo 300ml

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MOUDA Shampoo (Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo)

Hello. Recently, I realized that I feel colder as I get older. The old age is not the only reason for the way I feel. It is also because I am losing more hair than I used to, and not enough hair to keep my head warm. I find so much hair in the shower drains and I had to do something about it.

Mouda Hair Growth dandruff Shampoo HooksKorea

Previously, I used to buy shampoos that were on sale without much thought. But ever since my hair loss began, I started to check all the ingredients and recommendations from the experts.  I should have been more careful with the choices I made for hair products. This is why I choose MOUDA Shampoo. It is so effective and I am absolutely satisfied with this hair regrowth shampoo.

Hair loss was something that I never thought would happen to me. I have been under a lot of stress lately, and I found that stress can often result in hair loss. It is a vicious cycle because hair loss can add to the stress that you already feel! You would never know what it feels like until it actually happens to you.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

It all began about 6 months ago. I noticed my hair was thinning but I just shrugged it off. I thought it would be a temporary issue as I was under some stress at work and did not think it was going to be a big deal. Everyone around me said the same thing. But I was wrong. Everyone was wrong. It was getting worse and worse, and it was very noticeable after a few weeks. I was doing some research and sought advice from a colleague who had a similar experience, but he told me not to worry about it as girls would never go bald like him.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

I went on a mission to find the hair growth shampoo and other related products that would best fit my needs. I focused more on prevention as that is normally the best remedy. I was not expecting to grow back all the last hair.

Fortunately, my condition was not as severe as I thought, and there was a small chance that it could even get better. After the relentless research, I finally found MOUDA Shampoo. The name caught my eyes as it was kind of catchy.

M type O type U type DA (all) – MOUDA literally means gather, amass, or put together. The name fits so well with the product! I looked through all the ingredients and compared with other similar products. It was apparent that MOUDA shampoo had more benefits than others. This product also claims to have an anti-dandruff effect.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

The number of people suffering from Alopecia (hair loss) is in a steady increase both in males and females, and the average age of onset is getting younger. This increase is particularly significant in female and young people nowadays. There are a number of reasons – stress, chemicals used at salons, instant food, extreme diet program, pregnancy, etc.

Like many girls, I used to go on a dietary program that was very unhealthy and dyed my hair regularly. I guess I am the one to be blamed. But thank goodness I found MOUDA shampoo!

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

The liquid is a yellow/brownish clear type and has an herbal minty scent. It has this ‘all-natural’ smell! It is also less viscous compared to other products.

I am not a fan of many other natural products because those shampoos do not create enough foamy bubbles (lather). I usually end up using 3 – 4 pumps per wash as it is just not refreshing enough.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

On the other hand, MOUDA Shampoo forms a rich, creamy lather! It is very easy to massage deep into my scalp. I was a little concerned because my research suggested that the lather is caused by surfactants which can be harmful to our body. But MOUDA Shampoo uses natural surfactants!

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

MOUDA Shampoo is so refreshing! I may be exaggerating a little, but it feels like my scalp is absorbing all the goodness from the shampoo. I know some people do not like herbal smell, but it smells more like mint and it is very light.

Just apply it like a regular shampoo and make sure to massage your scalp for about 4 – 5 minutes and rinse well.

Surprisingly it is very easy to rinse even though it creates so much foam. I guess the quality really matters.

I also noticed that there is hardly any hair on my comb after I shower. I used to have tons of them! This is the first product I bought after my own research and I am 100% satisfied with the product. I have not had any side effects, so I have been using only this product for the past 4 months.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

I am so glad that my hair is all grown back. I hope I would never have to worry about hair loss again!

MOUDA Shampoo uses 29 safe natural ingredients with 16 patented herbal complex formula which makes not only your scalp healthy but also your hair. It is completely free from any skin irritation or troubles.

It cleanses your scalp and pores, and provide hair follicles with nutrients necessary for strengthening capillary growth and promoting blood circulation.

MOUDA Shampoo does not stop there. It is also beneficial for common hair troubles such as the dry and oily scalp, providing the perfect balance (anti-dandruff). PH level is also very important for sensitive skin.

Many people are using MOUDA Shampoo because it does not contain silicone oil, which can block pores on your scalp. This means no nutrients can be absorbed.

In my opinion, this product provides the best of all combination.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea

If you are pregnant or have extremely sensitive skin, you must be careful of what hair product you use. Many other products contain Zinc Pyrithione which can cause skin trouble.

I really feel that my hair is stronger now. It is particularly noticeable when I tie up my hair. Everyone around me is telling me the same.

MOUDA Shampoo Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Natural Shampoo HooksKorea 18

This is my honest review of MOUDA Shampoo after using it for about 4 months. My hair does not break easily now and I feel very confident again. I usually wash my hair in the morning and it used to become very oily by the evening. This product resolved this issue, and I no longer feel the itchiness.

I am truly amazed at how a single product can do so much!

Most of my friends, colleagues, and family are using MOUDA Shampoo now. Not because they are having a hair loss problem, but because it is the ultimate hair care product.

A bottle of MOUDA Shampoo lasts about 1 ½  to 2 months. It will last longer if you have short hair. I personally made an inquiry when I first used this product in the first few days because I did not see any change in the hair loss and it felt very itchy. I was told that all the unhealthy and weak hair were dropping out first so that stronger hair can grow back! This was just a temporary, natural phenomenon, so do not worry and continue using the product!

It will get better after a week or two and you will be able to see and feel the difference.

I strongly recommend MOUDA Shampoo and I am certain that this is the best hair care product you are looking for, either for hair loss prevention or to keep healthy hair.

Just try it for yourself and experience the wonder!

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  • I am also using this shampoo! It’s been about 3 weeks now, and I feel like my hair is getting better. I’ll keep using it and see what happens! Thanks!

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