AHC Real Active Serum(30ml)


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    Product Weight:   70 g

    AHC - Real Active Serum 30ml

    Adds nutrient oil to the moisturizing gel serum for a glowing oil gel serum

    FUNCTION: Anti-wrinkle


    Adds oil to the gel serum to provide a shiny skin

    Moist, moisturizing gel serum with nutrient oil ingredients helps skin nourishment and moisturizes, giving it a shiny skin.


    Ultra-fine micro-emulsion method for the fresh feeling

    The ultrafine micro emulsion method (the same method as the Pure Real Eye Cream for Face) provides a refreshing feeling when the active ingredient is gently absorbed into the skin.

    Skin-moisturizing effect of natural ingredients

    Various natural ingredients form a thin skin moisturizing film, helping to maintain moisture for a long time.


    Daily Treatment

    Contents Pump an appropriate amount, spread it gently along the skin texture,
    then gently press it with your palm to absorb it.

    ※ When pumping, please be careful not to touch the contents or the bottom of the clothes.


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