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Dr.Jart+ Dark Melting Patch(5pcs)


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    Dr.Jart+ Dark Melting Patch(5pcs)

    It is an intensive brightening spot mask brightens dark spots, from small blemish to overall dark and dull areas. The Slice Cream Dark Patch melts into the skin for intensive care, and also moisturize the skin as well as preventing moisture loss. The Dark Zone Patch contains niacinamide to brighten and tone the complexion.

    STEP 1.Slice Cream Dark Patch 1 Pair
    STEP 2.Dark Zone Patch 7g

    -After cleansing and toning, attach the STEP 1.Slice Cream Dark Patch on
    concerned areas with dry hands.
    - Attach the STEP 2.Dark Zone Patch over the STEP 1.Slice Cream Dark
    - Remove the Dark Zone Patch after 15-20 minutes when the STEP 1 has
    been fully melted, and gently pat to fully absorb the remaining essence.



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