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Dr.Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution (2 sheets)


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    Dr.Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution (2 sheets)

    A color changing & pH balancing sheet mask.
    It is a cream-type formulation containing sugar scrub granules that help to exfoliate the skin.
    It smoothes the texture of the skin and helps to purify the skin base.
    It adjusts the pH balance of the skin and keeps it healthy and mildly acidic.
    You can see the color change from pink to blue.

    - After cleansing, apply toner.
    - Gently apply the peeling essence on the entire face as you scrub.
    - Place the balance sheet on top.
    - As the color changes, you'll hear the carbonated bubbles pop,
    gently removing corneous & balancing the pH level.
    Remove the sheet after 3-5 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.



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