Joyme Inner Essence 15ml


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    Product Weight:   70 g

    Joyme - Inner Essence 15ml

    Enjoy the beauty.
    Innocuous Y-zone care essence & Inner Cleanser
    Hydrant, Natural, and Elastique

    • Moisture: Aloe and flower extract
    • Cleanse
    • Elasticity
    • Whitening
    • Aromatic

    Recommended for

    • When odor from secretion is severe
    • When you want to suppress skin aging
    • loose of the vagina due to frequent sex
    • When you are worried about vaginitis and cold sores
    • When you want to keep clean after pregnancy and childbirth
    • When you want to give your partner an unforgettable night
    • When there is a feeling of discomfort and severe smell before and after the menstruation
    • When you feel itchy and discomfort due to drying

    The most important part of women has a weak acidity of PH4.5~5.5 Using a normal soap or other cleanser products can easily cause inflammation.
    JOYME is a female essence/cleanser made of 95% natural ingredients to help maintain mild acidity.  

     Active Ingredients
    Jamu Complex (Lemonbalm, Daisy, Calendula, Teatree, Greentea) and 7 Berries Extact (BlueBerry, Maquiberry, BilBerry, RaspBerry, Indian Gooseberry, Acai Palm)


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