Karatica Im Cure Patch (Acne/Pimple Care)

Karatica Im Cure Patch (Acne/Pimple Care)


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    Product Weight:   50 g

    Karatica - The Kosmetics

    K-Beauty - Best Korean Skincare Solution DNA Kosmetics, Karatica uses only safe and selected ingredients certified by KFDA, FDA, and CFDA!

    Approved by USA FDA!

    Acne Pimple Instant Healing Patch, Absorbing Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronic, Invisible, Microneedle 6ea + Hydrocolloid 6ea 

      The Ultimate acne/pimple care solution.

      Karatica ImCurepatch Hooks Korea

      6 Micro-needle Patch: For severe troubles to calm within 2 hours only!
      6 Premium Hydrocolloid Patch: To soothe & calm inflammation
      Superior Solution Complex for small whiteheads to acne
      Famous acne-fighting: Salicylic Acid
      Rejuvenates skin: Peptide
      Soothes redness: Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid
      Calms skin: Centella Extract
      Anti-oxidant: Camellia Flower Extract

      Karatica ImCurepatch Hooks Korea

      1) Discontinue use or consult a dermatologist if irritation, itching or swelling appears after applying the product.
      2) Avoid applying patches on the wounded, inflamed skin parts.
      3) Cautions
      - Keep out of children.
      - Avoid applying around eyes.
      for external use only

      Karatica ImCurepatch Hooks Korea

      * The Essence Chip (micro projections) must be kept dry.

      SodiumHyaluronate, Niacinamide, CamelliaJaponicaFlowerExtract, CentellaAsiaticaExtract, Tranexamicacid, SalicylicAcid, TetraPeptide-44, Sh-Oligopepide-1, Sh-Polypepide-1


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