Karatica Ruby Re-Born DNA Kit 22ml


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    Product Weight:   40 g

    Karatica - The Kosmetics

    K-Beauty - Best Korean Skincare Solution DNA Kosmetics, Karatica uses only safe and selected ingredients certified by KFDA, FDA, and CFDA!

    Ruby Re-Born DNA Kit 22ml

    Do a "Color-Therapy" with personalized Jewel Skin Solution
    Extra sanitized by using botox bottle and distilled water.

    • Natural Anti-Aging(Ageing)
    • Perfect Cell Regeneration
    • Effectiveness: Good Results
    • Wrinkle Care

    Wrinkle Care + Quadruple Brightening ingredients 
    Lactobacillus Ferment, Adenosine, Neurolight61G, DNA, Ruby Powder, Allantoin, Papaya



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