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Mediheal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet(1 sheet)


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    MEDIHEAL - Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet(1 sheet)


      • This unique bubble mask sheet specializes in deeply cleansing the pores, making them appear tighter and leave the skin brighter.
      • With a rich formulation of herbal extracts and carbonated water, this mask foams up by itself to create microbubbles that will help treat your pores efficiently
      • This bubbling action also serves as a mild facial massage to soften up accumulated dirt in order for it to be easily washed away. It also offers a gentle peeling technology that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal brighter and clearer skin immediately after use.




      • The close fit to even the nose and mouth of a dry face after cleansing.

      • Remove the sheet comes up 10 minutes enriched carbonated bubbles.

      • Massage gently into the skin and then the remaining residual bubble will rinse clean with warm water.

      herbal extracts


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