Diona MTS Roller/ Mezzo Roller

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    Diona MTS Roller/ Mezzo Roller

    Diona MTS Roller, Mezzo Roller HooksKorea

    Mezzo Roller/ MTS roller is a method developed by scientists to help improve the paramedical cosmetic industry for inserting active ingredients in creams and serums into the deep layers of the skin – the dermis and epidermis. (Needle Lenght of 0.5mm and above)

    Our Western Derma Roller or Mezzo Roller(MTS) is made of a plastic roller with 540 Titanium minuscule needles. A needle length of 0.25mm is allowed range for homecare use. The roller has a handle that enables a continuous rolling movement across the skin without any touch. During a 3 minute treatment, the Mezzo Roller creates about 500,000 minuscule holes in the skin. Before using the Mezzo Roller, serums/ampoules are applied to maximize the effectiveness of your skincare products.

    Diona MTS Roller, Mezzo Roller HooksKorea

    • Step 1) Cleansing
      Cleanse your face, and towel dry.
      After gently cleansing and drying, apply the serum (Recommended: Karatica DNA Kit) on your skin.

    • Step 2) Treatment Roller
      The following MTS-Roller treatment enhances the agent into the deeper skin layers. A regular and soft “rolling” with minimal pressure is sufficient. (High pressure does not infiltrate more substances into the skin!). 

      It is recommended to move the MTS/ Mezzo Roller only in one direction, from the crown to the front and/or sides. 

    • Step 3) Put on a Soothing Sheetmask (Face mask) after an hour
      This helps soothing down your skin and also maximize the effect. 

    • Step 4) Clean Roller
      Gently Clean/Sanitize roller with an alcohol swab and return roller to protective case.

    Do not use the MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller vigorously or more than twice a week unless prescribed by a professional skin care specialist.

    Do not use MTS Roller/ Mezzo Roller on irritated skin, infected skin, fungal skin infections, active acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, severe solar keratosis, raised moles and/or warts, and/or any open wounds or sores. Patients who are not sure about their skin condition should consult a dermatologist before using the MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller.

    Clinical tests have not shown any side effects of using MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller when used as directed under the advice or supervision of a trained skin care professional. Use serums, creams and/or any other cosmeceutical or herbal topical only with the advice or supervision of a trained skin care professional.

    MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller should be stored in the supplied protective plastic box for maximum hygiene and safety after use. The instrument must be kept out of reach of children.

    Using MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller with cosmetics/cosmeceuticals.

    MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller is a skin care tool that partially and temporarily pierces the topmost protective layer of skin. We advise that patients/clients apply serums, creams only under the direction of a qualified skin care professional. The reason is. most skin care topicals (cosmetics, cosmeceuticals) are designed to be harmless while they are on the surface of the skin, however, the skin may react differently when such products are infiltrated through the epidermal barrier, such as what occurs with  MTS Roller/ Mezzo Roller. We recommend that patients/clients speak to a qualified skin care professional if there is any doubt about the ingredients in any products and whether they are suitable for infiltration.

    Sensitivity and Redness when using MTS-Roller/ Mezzo Roller

    Patients will experience mild sensitivity and redness after treatment; signs that the fine micro points have penetrated the epidermis. The perforated stratum corneum will close within minutes and the sensitivity should abate quickly. The general redness will disappear within one or two hours of treatment. Intensity and duration of any discomfort may vary. Use a sheet mask for the soothing effect. 


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