Seoul Salon 7 Minute Soothig Mask (10pcs)

Seoul Salon

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    Seoul Salon SkinCare

    Seoul, a center of K-beauty. If you are curious about K-Beauty, this is where you start! Enjoy the affordable Price, Enjoy the Scent, Enjoy the Texture, Enjoy the Uniqueness, Enjoy the Performance.

    7 Minute Soothing Mask (10pcs) 

    It contains deer milk and Aloe Vera which is ideal for moisturizing and soothing. 
    This is perfect for all skin type,


    • Deer Milk mask sheet contains rich protein to help soothing and moisturize dry skin 
    • Rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids, enzymes, and yeast peptides, 
    • It helps to soothe the skin. 
    • Skin fit sheet is made with eco-friendly material of eucalyptus tree extract which helps skins to absorbent and moisturizing. 
    • Niacinamide helps to skin whitening 
    • Ingredient extracted from Aloe Vera leaf helps dry skins to cool down in few minutes
    1. Wash your face and soothe it with toner
    2. Spread the mask sheet evenly over the face
    3. After 5-10 minutes, remove the mask pack and then tapping your face lightly to absorbs the remain essence on the skin
    4. Apply the essence remaining in the pouch to the neck and arms

    Experience the amazing 7soothing effect in just minutes! 


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