WANGSKIN Cherry BBong Soap 100g


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    Product Weight:   100 g

    WANGSKIN - Facial Soap

    K-Beauty - WANGSKIN is dedicated to providing high-quality Korean Makeup and Skincare products at a very affordable price. Ingredients certified by KFDA, FDA, and CFDA! Thousands of positive feedback on Social media you can check it out! 

    Cherry BBong Soap 100g (Patented)

    Contains the ingredients are carefully selected for various skin type to give gentleness to your skin.

    • Vitamin A,C,E: Super Nourishing
    • Rich and Soft Bubble
    • Sebum Control Effect
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Smoothing and Long Lasting Hydrating Effect
    • Balancing and Calming effect
    • Natural Ingredient

    Cheery Extract, Cactus Resin(Patented Ingredient), Huttuynia Cordata, Mulberry Lief, Moringa, Palm Oil Base, Licorice Extract, Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract, Bamboo Salt, Apricot Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract, Olive Oil, Tocopherol, Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, Chitosan, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid, Propolis 


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