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"Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule," a product that is a source of pride for Korea, has chosen Park Hae-jin as its model. Park Hae-jin is known for having skin that is even more beautiful than that of many actresses.

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Derma Science brand Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule and global star Park Hae-jin, known for his flawless skin, are collaborating to bring a new era of high-quality ampoules. Park Hae-jin has previously worked as a model for leading brand cosmetics and is widely admired for his appearance. Together, they hope to set a new standard for ampoules and offer consumers a top-quality product.

Park Hae-jin has been chosen as the model for the Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule and is working with the product as it expands into the global market. As a reliable partner, he will help the ampoule establish itself as a high-quality option for consumers around the world.

Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule is an anti-aging product from the DermaScience brand that is considered a cosmeceutical solution. It aims to surpass the limitations of traditional anti-wrinkle products by using TDDS technology, which is commonly used in pharmaceuticals, in its cosmetics formulation. This innovative approach sets the product apart and makes it a unique and effective option for those looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve their skin's overall appearance.

Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule is a highly regarded ampoule that has earned the nickname "miracle ampoule" among consumers. It was developed with the direct involvement of Reflance Co., Ltd., a company that operates 100 skin care shops in Korea and China. This ampoule has become a well-known and trusted brand among people who are looking for high-performance skin care products.

In the past, male actors were only seen as models for certain types of beauty products, such as mask packs, basic cosmetics, and LED masks. However, Park Hae-jin has made a name for himself in the beauty industry by modeling for a wide range of products and becoming a hot topic as a result. His success as a model has helped him expand his career and solidify his position as a sought-after model in the industry. Each product that he has modeled for has become a hit, thanks to his endorsement.

Park Hae-jin is renowned for his careful and responsible approach to modeling for products. He takes the time to personally test each product that he is offered to model for and will only agree to represent a product if he is confident in its quality and effectiveness. This responsible attitude has led to high expectations for the Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule, which he has chosen to model for. The industry is looking forward to the success of this product with Park Hae-jin as its ambassador.

Medi-Time Botalinium Ampoule, an ampoule that is already receiving large orders from China and Southeast Asia, is expected to continue to be successful due to the "Park Hae-jin" effect. Park Hae-jin has a powerful influence on the products he endorses, and the ampoule's impressive ingredients and performance are expected to contribute to its success as well. This "miraculous" ampoule is poised to make a strong impact in the market thanks to the combined effect of its quality and Park Hae-jin's endorsement.

Recently, Park Hae-jin has been busy meeting fans through the Naver audio clip "Tupac Talk Travel Season 3" and taking a break from work. Despite his busy schedule, he has been able to find time to connect with his fans and recharge before returning to work.

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