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MOUDA Shampoo Review

MOUDA Natural Shampoo, Prevent Hair Loss, Hair Growth Shampoo

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

It is a really heart breaking every time I find a clump of hair on the drain cover after the shower.

I use to feel somewhat lucky that I did not have to go through hair loss period during my pregnancy but… it soon became emotional distress after giving birth.

I had known that it was inevitable I would be losing a lot of hair but it was difficult to face reality. The thought of going bald also came across my mind. Some say it is just temporary but for some, it can be permanent.

Maybe I worried too much? I had never once had a problem with my hair in my life!

But then I came across this MOUDA shampoo from Baby & Mom Magazine.

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

​The packaging is simple yet sophisticated!
And very catchy name as well. “MOU DA” M type O type U type and Da means All.
MOUDA – gather it all in direct translation haha I could never forget this name.


One of the main characteristics is that MOUDA Shampoo does not contain Zinc Pyrithione unlike many other Hair Loss/ Hair Growth Shampoos do. “Zinc Pyrithione” is actually very harmful to our body and can cause many side effects. There has been many research and studies showing that it may also cause hormonal imbalance.

But why do so many other products use Zinc Pyrithione despite its side effects? Because it can reduce hair loss relatively quickly which may only be for a short-term remedy. So customers actually believe that the product actually works!

I had to be extra careful with the products I use because I just gave birth and started breastfeeding my boy.
I do not usually use whitening or anti-aging skincare products just to be safe.

MOUDA Shampoo contains patented herbal extract formula with 29 natural ingredients.

And it also contains high-quality peptide ingredients and biotin that are beneficial to hair and scalp instead of cheap silicone oil.
And one more thing that I always check, is the weather or not they use natural surfactant!


MOUDA shampoo is not only designed for the safety of women (Pre / Post Birth) but also for kids! This is just perfect for me!

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks KoreaToxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

I used to lose this much hair on a daily basis and this was just after a shower.
I got really worried and sacred, not only that I lost confidence in my look… I was feeling depressed…

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

I was convinced that my forehead was getting bigger and it looked like I was losing hair like men. M type Alopecia !?! I was extremely stressed out.
This was just a beginning, and this deep hairline was becoming more noticeable each day.
Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

OMG it was getting worse every day!
I tried to hide it, even spray with black powder (TVHome Shopping Product) haha
But There was not much I can do except for just using MOUDA shampoo and see what happens.

As per instruction, apply shampoo and massage your scalp thoroughly for 5~10 mins before rinse, and always dry your hair with warm or cool air!   

It is quite foamy compared to other 100% natural shampoo and has fresh minty (Menthol) scent. Leaving my scalp cool and refreshing.

I felt a little itchy after using it for the first few days. But Q n A says that I feel the itchiness at first because it is changing my scalp condition. It soon disappeared after a week or so.

I had been using MOUDA Shampoo for 4 months and I am very satisfied with the results.

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

Healthy new hair is growing out! Yay~!

Toxmetic Mouda Shampoo Hooks Korea

​And I am definitely losing less hair, it is very obvious now!
I am so relieved now.

Although this may be just a common phenomenon, we may lose hair during pregnancy or postpartum due to hormonal changes. And hair may grow back naturally.

I can’t really say for sure that MOUDA shampoo did make my hair grow but I know for sure that my new grown hair is much healthier and stronger than before. And it had absolutely improved my scalp condition.

​I read from somewhere that hair loss is a natural process and it can happen to anyone, some may experience it earlier than others. All these hair loss/ hair growth shampoos are not going to stop your hair loss but it promotes stronger hair growth by keeping your scalp healthier.

Prevention is the best medicine!

You shouldn’t expect an immediate result, but you can slowly see a huge improvement after a few weeks.

Not like other chemical based shampoo, MOUDA Shampoo has all natural and good ingredients, even safe for the kid. I’m using it with my 6-month old boy 😉
It had surely met my expectation after using it for 4 months.
I’m not going to switch to other shampoos for sure.

Highly recommended!

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