[Review] Karatica Gold Duck's Egg GD2 Cream 50g

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[Review] Karatica Gold Duck's Egg GD2 Cream 50g

Absolutely fell in love with this nourishing Karatica Gold Duck's Egg GD2 Cream all skin type.

I shared this cream with my mom as well

Karatica Gold Duck's Egg GD2 Cream was once introduced on Girls Plus TV show as well.

 Karatica Ducks Egg Cream HooksKorea 

Karatica Gold Duck's Egg GD2 Cream is very powerful multi-functional cream, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and nutrition. I found it very moisturizing too.  it contains 500,000ug of  duck’s egg yolk lecithin

This All in one cream really eliminates having to use many different skin care products.

Karatica is well known for their quality control as their parent company is also manufacturing cosmetic related pharmaceutical products.

My mother is always concerned about her dry skin, a nourishing cream alone isn’t enough to counter her dry skin. So she always looks out for the product with high nutrition + high moisturization. Egg yolk lecithin provides very good moisturizing effect together with linoleic acid and arachidonic acid and vitamins. It has a perfect combination for moisturization.

 Karatica Ducks Egg Cream HooksKorea 1

I personally like this design too haha, very unique duck egg shape. Very luxurious!

Not only that it also contains real gold powder! Something my mom loves a lot.

It comes with a spatula, so you can apply just the right amount and also somewhat prevent the cream from contamination?

Karatica Ducks Egg Cream HooksKorea

You can actually see gold powder and the fragrance is not strong and there is no funny smell even with egg yolk lecithin. So don’t worry if you are sensitive to strong scent.

Once you apply, you will realize why Karatica Gold Duck's Egg GD2 Cream is so nourishing, all the good ingredients, and free from 9 harmful ingredients!

  1. No Paraban
  2. No Artificial Color
  3. No Mineral Oil
  4. No Benzo-Phenone
  5. No Parafin
  6. No Imidazolidinyl Urea
  7. No Gene Manipulated Ingredients
  8. No Fluorescent Material
  9. No Talc


I love that fact that my mom and I both enjoy it 😉

Karatica Ducks Egg Cream Before HooksKorea

Karatica Ducks Egg Cream After HooksKorea

My usual step used to be Toner – Essence – Serum – Emulsion - Cream but now I apply right after Essence or Serum.

It is a lot lighter than it looks and spreads really well and best of all it absorbed into my skin very fast,

So if you don’t like very thick cream.

You will be very satisfied with this one!




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