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[Review] Dr. Jart+ Cicapair (Tiger Grass) Cream 50ml

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[Review] Dr. Jart+ Cicapair (Tiger Grass) Cream 50ml

Dr Jart Cicapair  Tiger Grass Cream Hooks Korea Review 1

Dr. Jart+ is a dermatologist developed brand.  Dr. Jart+ was founded in 2004 and they use advanced technology, safe and most effective ingredients with breakthrough formulas that create highly functional products.  Dr. Jart+ employs expert dermatologists using proven herbal ingredients with modern innovations.

Cicapair (Tiger Grass) cream is intended for stressed, reddened, itchy, annoyed, damaged, inflamed skins. Everything from eczema to acne, dermatitis to dry.

Dr. Jart + Cicapair (Tiger Grass) cream is safe for pregnancy but not 100% vegan as it contains beeswax. However, It is free from 10 harmful ingredients:  mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial dyes, denatured alcohol, triclosan, triethanolamine, sulfate surfactants, propylene glycol, and DEA.

Dr Jart Cicapair  Tiger Grass Cream Hooks Korea Review

Dr Jart + Cicapair (Tiger Grass) cream comes in a metal flexible tube with a metal twist key to help roll the tube down. But I don’t recommend using this key until the tube is half empty, because this product will just slide out and keep coming out if there is the slightest pressure pushing down on the tube. The cream is a light green. 

I personally like the smell, I think it’s amazing!  It is like an herb garden, very fresh and warm and it is one of my favorite things about this cream. But that is just my personal preference!

Dr Jart Cicapair  Tiger Grass Cream Hooks Korea Review 2

The cream is very rich, creamy like soft butter. It is quite dense, yet spreads evenly on my skin. It feels very soothing when I have blemishes, this cream really does help alleviate the pain.

The application is important for this cream. The first few times I used this cream, I felt like there was a layer of this cream sitting on top my skin, not being fully absorbed. Even though many of other users claim otherwise.

But I realized my indication was wrong! On the back of the tube reads “Help the skin absorb wrapped in the palm of your skin“. After applying the cream to my face, I then gently pressed the palms of my hands to those areas. I did this a few times and I found that the cream had melted into my skin, absorbing cleanly.  I could still feel that my skin was moisturized, with no more a filmy layer of cream.  The warmth of my hands helped push the cream into my skin and voila! No longer greasy feeling!

Dr. Jart + Cicapair (Tiger Grass) Cream is very moisturizing. It locks in all of the moisture into my skin, so it feels more moist and supple, it truly balances my skin, closer to normal healthy skin.

Since I have been using this cream, I have noticed that my blemishes are fewer and whenever I get them, this cream seems to help heal them faster.

I am very impressed and surprised how well this cream worked for my oily skin. Even its rich buttery texture, I had no problem using it during the day, even before the makeup.

Dr Jart Cicapair  Tiger Grass Cream Hooks Korea Review 3

Dr. Jart + Cicapair (Tiger Grass) Cream won the 2017 Best Derma Award in Korea so if you get a chance, try it, I highly recommend it. 

Another important note is that Dr Jart + Cicapair Cream is the same item as Dr. Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream! They are using a different name for a certain country.


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