[Review] Joyme Inner Essence 15ml

[Review] Joyme Inner Essence 15ml

Posted by Hans Jung on

Joyme Inner Essence 15ml

Joyme Inner Essence HooksKorea 1

Enjoy the beauty.
Innocuous Y-zone care essence & Inner Cleanser
Hydrant, Natural, and Elastique

This is their slogan, as inner essence name suggests that this is for vagina.

There are several vaginal creams on the market for vaginal health. I found this product very unique.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Vaginal itching and irritation are the most common and uncomfortable symptoms women tend to experience.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 57% of women experienced itching at least once a year!  Vaginal itching can occur at any time for many different reasons.

This product may help as long as you are not having a medical condition.

Recommended for

  • When odor from secretion is severe
  • When you want to suppress skin aging
  • loose of the vagina due to frequent sex
  • When you are worried about vaginitis and cold sores
  • When you want to keep clean after pregnancy and childbirth
  • When you want to give your partner an unforgettable night
  • When there is a feeling of discomfort and severe smell before and after the menstruation
  • When you feel itchy and discomfort due to drying

These recommendations seem rather interesting. So I gave it a try. 

Joyme feels exactly like regular essence cream I use, it is not thick and quite moisturizing. It has a floral scent, maybe rose. 95% of the ingredients are all natural and Joyme is set to female body optimal PH level.

Joyme Inner Essence Vaginal Cream HooksKorea

I apply this to my vagina 3 times a week right after a shower. It gets little hot after a few minutes but the instruction says it is a natural phenomenon. 

I have been using Joyme (Inner Essence) for 2 weeks now, It is definitely moisturizing and it does help getting rid of the odor! Which I am very satisfied with.

Although I am not so certain about whitening. Maybe I have to use a lot longer to see it. or maybe it varies from people to people.

Joyme also has another special feature and is really popular because it can be also used as the lubricant before the intercourse. I am not about to share my personal experience on it! 

Joyme Vaginal Cream HooksKorea

Overall, I am very satisfied with Joyme Inner essence (Vaginal Cream)

Maybe it works for you as well!



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