To the ageless beauty that transcends time
Beauty does not deteriorate over time. Instead, it evolves.
Over the years, this has driven Sulwhasoo to search for natural,
genuine beauty that delivers skin that glows with a healthy radiance.
Now, with Sulwhasoo, you can enjoy natural and genuine beauty at every milestone in life.
Ginsenomics™ is the essence of Sulwhasoo’s research on Ginseng. Korean Ginseng contains more than 30 different types of Ginseng Saponins. Among these Saponins, only a particular type of Saponin, which is available in very small amounts, delivers excellent anti-aging efficacies. When Sulwhasoo made this discovery, it went a step further than simply extracting this rare Saponin. It developed what is known as “Active Beauty Ginsenoside” featuring Ginseng extracts condensed 6,000 times, then gave it a new name - Ginsenomics™. Ginsenomics™ represents the pinnacle of Suwhasoo’s exclusive technology that allows its products to deliver the energy of Ginseng to the skin.
For more than a decade, Sulwhasoo has engaged in a variety of cultural patronage activities,which have been expanding in scope via different global CSR programs since 2017.The belief that the harmony of tradition and modernity can create a more valuable culture is the foundation of Sulwhasoo's "Beauty From Culture" initiative.

BEAUTY FROM CULTURE with limited editions released domestically and internationally. A portion of the proceeds from the limited edition will be donated to cultural heritage institutions around the world that merit preservation and passing them on to future generations.